Industrial Chillers: What Factors to Consider Before Buying One

Industrial Chillers come in different shapes and sizes, just like there are many needs of the respective end users. The capacity of work that various chillers are put to vary from one industry to the other. It is also true to say that a difference exists in the type of work that various models of chillers perform. But choosing the right industrial chiller for your business can only be easy if you have the right information on what you need. Some considerations have to be made to obtain the right one. Which are they?

Type of industry

ChillersVarious industries like the beverage, medical, meat and electronic industry just to mention but a few, require different types of chillers. Not only do they have different end products but also vary in their operations, which makes them require specific chillers. For instance, in plastic industries, chillers are used to cool the hot plastic but in printing, they help cool the printing rollers and the paper that comes from the print ovens.

Size of operation

The size of operation will determine the capacity of the chiller to use on it. Some operations produce so many tons that they require bigger and more efficient machines than others. For instance, evaporator and tube chillers can handle more than three times what plate evaporators, which handle 150tons, do. Operations in the food industry involve chilling of large quantities of food. They use larger chillers that can handle the bulk compared to chillers used in scanning industries which are relatively smaller

The problem of Space

The operational space available also dictates the kind of chiller required. Some operation requires great cooling and hence bigger space. If they cannot afford the needed space to contain a bigger machine, they would consider buying a smaller one that can hold such an operation. Portable chillers can be used as well to counter the problem of space and reduce rental costs.

The process

Processes vary depending on the industry. Some questions about the work process need to be answered before buying a chiller. What part of the process needs cooling or what equipment will be cooled? How much water pressure is required and what is the degree of flow during the process? This is important to answer. The process may require a portable chiller, air or water chiller. This too will be dictated by the process. A careful look at the job will tell you which is best

Purchasing considerations

A durable machine is the best. It should be made of good material like stainless steel which is best for chillers. It should be made of standard materials from known companies, time efficient and efficient in cost and energy saving. Easy maintenance is key: checks, service and replacement of parts should be easy.

Finally, check the warranty. Five-year warranty on the machine and electronic chiller boards and 1-2 year part warranty is recommended. Have this checks and you will get a better chiller.…