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Dog clippers grooming guide

Grooming your dogs is one of the tasks that you have to do, or else the hair will shed everywhere, and the nails will be too long, which can be painful for your dog. But grooming can be quite confusing especially if you’re not a professional dog owner, but you still have to do what you have to. Here we have listed a beginner guide on how to do a grooming on your dog, and why you should get a dog clipper.

Prepare your dogmouth muzzle dog

If you’re not a professional and are thinking to get your dog clipped by someone else, you need to make sure that your dog won’t bite the other person. It is normal for dogs to bite someone that they don’t know, and what you can do is buy a harness, muzzle, or even a head halter so it won’t be able to bite anyone. When the grooming is being done, you may want to help the staff by being there for your dog, which can be soothing for the poor canine.

Buying a dog clipper

If you’re wondering what dog hair clipper you’re going to get, then worry no further as Nina has the best hair clippers compared, and all you need to do is to read her review. Make sure to get the clipper that’s worth the price, and also the one that suits your wallet as getting electronics can be quite pricey.

Tip: not just clipper, make sure that you get a tube of shampoo that promotes hair growth and getting rid of fleas, only to reduce the shedding, as dogs tend to get stressed if they’re experiencing something new.

holding your puppyHold your dog when you’re grooming it

To avoid leaving any lines, bald spot, or any marks, make sure you hold your dog down to avoid any sudden movements. Another tip is to ask someone else, perhaps a family member or someone that the dog already knows to hold the dog down while you do what you have to.

Tip: it is possible to burn your dog with hot clippers, make sure to turn it off every second when you’re brushing your dog’s fur.

Choosing the right clippers

Different clippers work well on different breeds, so make sure you do research on what clipper to get. A safe bet is to look it up on the internet or visiting a professional to get the first grooming, so you can have a bright idea on what clipper to get that fit the dog’s coat.…