Conveyor Accessories Safety Tips You Should Know

When you walk into any manufacturing company, be sure that you won’t miss seeing conveyor systems in the in the packaging sector. This is because conveyor accessories play a very important role in the functioning of the automated packaging systems. They facilitate the movements of the packaging materials as they wait to be filled with

The products to be packed

However, just like any other machines, conveyors can also be a cause of injuries within the plant. It’s therefore important that you know the safety practices and also the accelerated timing concerning conveyors so that you will be safe when working with them. Here are some conveyor tips to help keep you safe.

Don’t Sit on Them

There are several types of conveyor systems which include powered belts, gravity belts, and powered rollers. Irrespective of the type of conveyor accessories you have in your plant, they are not meant to be occupied by people. You and the other people in the plant should ensure that you don’t walk, sit or stand on the conveyors. This is because these conveyors have features that can cause injuries to anybody that walks, sits or stand on them.

Check All Controls

Conveyors involve a complex system of motors drives and sensors; they usually have electrical control systems that facilitate their operations. When handling the conveyor systems, ensure that all its electrical controls and devices are working in good conditions. This is to avoid injuries to you and damage to the products.

Keep Away Loose Items

Since conveyors involve moving parts, you should ensure that you keep away loose items like jewelry, loose clothes, and long hair. This is because in case any loose item gets into contact with the conveyor, whatever is attached to them will automatically get pulled away. This can result in injuries.

Be Watchful

Conveyors involve a system of gears and rollers. This means that they are full of pinch points. It is these pinch points that you should be watchful of. Be watchful of where you stick your hands. Injuries could result if you accidentally stick your hands in any of the pinch points.

Strictly Follow Procedures

Conveyors usually have locked out and tagged out procedures. These procedures have been put in place to avoid any injuries hence saving lives. Therefore, when the conveyor breaks down, and you are servicing it, ensure that you follow the lockout/tag out procedures that have been put in place.…